Ahmad Zarour , MD, FRCS, FACS

 Founder and Program Director 


 Essentials of Bowel Anastomosis goal is to provide the surgical community, scientific societies, medical teaching centers and industries with worldwide, online training in bowel surgery, information on the latest surgical breakthroughs and the possibility to chat with surgeons and experts from all over the world.

 The Essentials of Bowel Anastomosis course is intended to be a comprehensive yet concise two day course covering modern techniques of bowel surgery, describing both hand-sewn ,stapled & laparoscopic anastomoses.This course covers the entire spectrum of gastrointestinal anastomosis, including anatomy, indications, and basic surgical principles and techniques through detailed instruction in both hand-sewn , stapled and laparoscopic anastomoses. More than 100 high-resolution illustrations assist the candidates  in understanding and applying the various anastomotic techniques in his or her practice.

This course, first introduced  to expose the candidate to safe surgical practice within a controlled setting, focused on teaching and assessing skill acquisition of safe surgical techniques common to all forms of gastrointestinal surgery.

The course covered two operative domains: hand-sewn anastomosis and stapled anastomosis. The course was standardized with common objectives, content,structure, and assessment methods. It did not aim to impose or promote one technique to the exclusion of others,but it did attempt to teach “one safe way” that the candidate could utilize for both hand-sewn and stapled techniques.

The trend toward the use of gastrointestinal staplers has served to de-emphasize hand-sewn anastomsis as an option for repairing or restoring intestinal integrity.In this course, we provide instruction in both techniques,making this course unique in its coverage of how to deal with both simple and complex gastrointestinal conditions.

We trust that you will enjoy this course and find it useful in your career as a surgeon.

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