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We hereby acknowledge all our colleagues who without their contributions and support this work would not have been completed .Many people provided feedback and suggestions which helped in EBA Surg development and regular updates.


The commitment of the founder, EBA book authors , TruthSoft company , and course faculty has contributed to the EBA course vitality and expansion .Our peer reviewers, editors and course users have provided valuable reviews, feedback and suggestions to improve the quality of the content of the course .


We look forward to continued input from the learners participating in the EBA  Surg  program and from the EBA Surg members.


Our goal and commitment is to maintain current and responsive content for our students and members. Thank you for your ongoing support and input to the EBA Surg program in bowel resection and anastomosis education.



Ahmad M. Zarour MD, FRCSI, FACS

Founder & Director of EBA Surg program

Chairperson of EBA program 

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