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EBA surg is a web-facilitated learning resource for bowel surgery .In EBA Surg program,learning combines face-to-face learning sessions and technology based materials to deliver educational information.


To understand the principles of bowel anastomosis, Be able to know different types of sutures and surgical needles,Be familiar with the instruments used in bowel anastomosis.To know different types of anastomotic techniques.

Program Description

The Essential of Bowel Anastomosis (EBA) ® course is a 2 day course and consists of lectures and skill stations .The course covers three main areas: Do It By Hand (Hand -sewn anastomosis), Do It By Stapler (Stapled anastomosis) and Do it By Laparoscopy ( laparoscopic Anastomosis).

About the Program

Essentials of Bowel Anastomosis course was established to fulfill the demonstrated need for the surgical trainee to acquire and maintain their skills in both techniques of bowel anastomosis hand sewn and stapling techniques in two settings, conventional open surgery and minimally invasive surgery.


The intended audience includes surgical residents, and fully trained surgeons who are not having experience with stapling & laparoscopic techniques.

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